Ready for the Kick Off  Ready for the Kick Off Overtaking the Ball  Overtaking the Ball Hustle Past  Hustle Past Running to Help  Running to Help
Stride  Stride Leap Battle  Leap Battle Everyone Jumps  Everyone Jumps Getting it Down the Field  Getting it Down the Field
Wheeling  Wheeling Fists and Feet  Fists and Feet Leg Back  Leg Back Lean Turn  Lean Turn
All Smiles  All Smiles In the Middle  In the Middle Wheeling Back  Wheeling Back Stomping Down  Stomping Down
Keeper Kick  Keeper Kick Holding On  Holding On In Mid Air  In Mid Air Contested  Contested
Eyes Up  Eyes Up Feet Up  Feet Up Forward Angle  Forward Angle Ready to Drill It  Ready to Drill It
Jumping Ball  Jumping Ball Meeting  Meeting Ahead of the Pack  Ahead of the Pack