Group Shots

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Pressing Forward  Pressing Forward Back Leg  Back Leg Leg Swing  Leg Swing Quick Kick  Quick Kick
Keep Away  Keep Away Attacking the Goal  Attacking the Goal Bounce Back  Bounce Back Over the Shoulder  Over the Shoulder
In Air  In Air Bumping By  Bumping By Opposing Kicks  Opposing Kicks Eyes on the Ball  Eyes on the Ball
Attack the Goal  Attack the Goal Hitting the Target  Hitting the Target Eyes Up  Eyes Up Turn Face  Turn Face
Side Kick  Side Kick Closing In  Closing In Shot Made  Shot Made Knee Shot  Knee Shot
Getting it Going  Getting it Going Look Back  Look Back Shoulder Bump  Shoulder Bump Coming Through  Coming Through
Close Shot  Close Shot Got It In  Got It In On His Toes  On His Toes Arm Back  Arm Back
Head Up  Head Up Side Kicking  Side Kicking Running Past  Running Past Firing it Forward  Firing it Forward
Blue on the Move  Blue on the Move Ready to Kick  Ready to Kick Standing Smile  Standing Smile Next to Green  Next to Green
Converging  Converging Kicking High  Kicking High About to Score  About to Score Stretched  Stretched
Twist Past  Twist Past Both on It  Both on It