Standing at the Line Trying to Cut Getting a Kick Through Hands Out
Collide Smiling Runner Swarming Hustling Behind
Supporting the Kick Working Together On the Ball Watching
Big Kick In Sync Corner Kick Three on One
Moving Up Two on Two Up and At Em Billowing Orange
Like a Cape Hard Stop Post Throw Heading for the Line
Hitting the Ball in the Air Both Off of the Ground Sweep From the Side
Trying to Win It From Above Getting it Stopped Quick Step
Launching Forward Toe Tip Leaning Into It Quick Cross
Knees Bracing Head Down Bouncing
Springing Forward Getting It Stopped Bodily Running Forward Getting a Last Second Goal 1
Getting a Last Second Goal 2 Checking the BallNEW Knee StopNEW Arms Up Body StopNEW
High KickerNEW Getting WideNEW